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We’ve collected a variety of original news stories and analyses for your perusing, which focus on education in California, part-time faculty and/or unions in academia that have broad national appeal. As might be expected, we take special interest in social justice issues that slip under the radar of the mainstream media.

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Black Lives Matter

CPFA has always advocated for equity and fair treatment, and implicit in that mission is the responsibility to advocate for ...
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COVID-19 & Part-Time Faculty Survey Results

GREETINGS COLLEAGUES: CPFA wanted to hear from you all to find out from PART-TIME FACULTY what is currently being done ...
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Butte College To Hold Its 10th Annual PT Conference

Next month, on April 4th, 2020 Butte College will be hosting the 10th annual Associate Faculty Conference. This year’s theme ...
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Full Time Faculty Member Testifies on AB 897

BY WENDY BRILL-WYNKOOP Good afternoon – Chair and members of the Assembly Higher Education Committee.      I am Wendy Brill-Wynkoop, the ...
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Resolution : Foothill – De Anza Faculty Association Supports Assembly Bill 897

Whereas, existing California law (Assembly Bill 951, 2008) establishes that the contingent, part-time faculty workload is capped at 67 percent, ...
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The Role of the Teachers’ Union in Enrollment Management

BY RICK BAUM Teachers need to be organized in unions to protect their jobs and standard of living.  Unfortunately, union ...
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When Part-Timers Have to Absorb Class Cuts

BY RICK BAUM     For the Fall 2019 term, the administration at City College of San Francisco (CCSF) made drastic ...
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67% Cap Needs to be Raised to 80-85%

BY SCOTT DOUGLAS In 2007, the California Part-time Faculty Association (CPFA) worked with Assembly member Mervyn Dymally to get the ...
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Protecting Part-time Faculty from the Backlash of COVID-19

Fellow Adjunct-Contingent Faculty and Allies: While we are in the early stages of this pandemic, it is abundantly clear that ...
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(no title)

CPFA Part-time Faculty Retirement Survey 2019 By David Milroy In the spring 2019 issue, CPFA posted a survey concerning part-time ...
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CPFA Annual Spring Conference April 11, 2020 – CANCELLED

Official Notice: CPFA's 2020 Spring Conference has been cancelled due to the emergency closure of its venue, Diablo Valley College, ...
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What is the WEP?

By David Milroy, CPFA Director of Administration The Windfall Elimination Provision was enacted in 1983 as part of major amendments ...
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