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We’ve collected a variety of original news stories and analyses for your perusing, which focus on education in California, part-time faculty and/or unions in academia that have broad national appeal. As might be expected, we take special interest in social justice issues that slip under the radar of the mainstream media.

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by Dennis Selder On February 6th, the PBS Newshour, ran a show “Is academia suffering from ‘adjunctivitis’? Low-paid adjunct professors ...
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Challenges Contingent Faculty Face in Improving Their Teaching

by Dennis Selder    As a newbie teaching nights at Southwestern College, I was lucky to run into a guy ...
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Keith Hoeller has edited an important new book about contingency! Take Note!

Equality for Contingent Faculty: Overcoming the Two-Tier System has just been published. Alex Kudera says, in reviewing the book, "There's something weird ...
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Should Full-Time Faculty Be CPFA Members?

The fall of 2013 has delivered a rich assortment of mainstream news stories and academic articles dealing with the tenuous ...
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What Happened to Inspiration from Government?

When I was a kid, I remember the rush I got reading Johnny Tremain.  Sure, it’s a great story, but ...
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A congressman from just north of the Bay area calls for contingent faculty to speak up

Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.), senior Democrat on the House Education and the Workforce Committee, today announced an eForum to investigate ...
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Lessons from the Death of a Part-Time Faculty Member

After listening to educators' responses to the account of  Margaret Mary Vojtko's life as a destitute contingent faculty member at ...
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Assembly Bill 950 Toxic to Higher Education

The recently deposed California State Assembly Bill 950—AB 950—points to the general unwillingness of educators and legislators to confront the ...
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LIVE-BLOG CCSF Forum – Nov 7, 2013

Rich Hansen (FHDA) , Ron Galatolo (SMCCD),  Jackie Spears, Anna Eshoo, jim Beal (all legislators) , Rafael Mandelman (CCSF trustee ...
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Finally Getting to See a Doctor?

Tuesday this upcoming week is a big day for my eyesight, my aching elbow, my colon—the colonoscopy may now be ...
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CPFA Announces New Blog

Sacramento, CA. The CPFA Executive Council announces the launch of a new blog, CPFA Forum Blog, which will attempt to ...
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Across-the-Board Raises

Sound great, right? What could be fairer, you say, than the “same” raise for everyone?  When your union announces an ...
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