• Birthday-cake-with-candles

    CPFA At 20 (Part II)

    By Robert Yoshioka, Ph.D. >> Click here to read Part I <<   Too often, full-timers, union bosses, and administrators see part-time faculty as disposable, replaceable cogs in their educational juggernaut, and we are told repeatedly […]

  • Chart 3

    67% Survey

    Hover your mouse over a chart to pause the slideshow. Should the 67% part-time teaching load limit be increased? Part-time or adjunct faculty in the California Community College system were originally limited to teaching 60% […]

  • Birthday-cake-with-candles

    CPFA At 20

    By Robert Yoshioka, Ph.D. Originally published in the CPFA Journal, Spring 2018 edition.  Read more>>   1998 will go down as a pivotal year in the history of part time faculty working in the California Community […]

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