• Chair’s Report

    By John Martin, CPFA Chair I am sure I am not alone in feeling that the early events of the new year seem to have revealed that we are living in a different world! There […]

  • A New Parity Bill Hits the California Legislature

    By Carol Whaley A.B. 1269 (C. Garcia) seeks to create parity for part-time faculty of the California Community Colleges so that equal work results in equal pay.  This bill is sponsored by CTA, the California […]

  • Update on AB 897: Raising the 67% Cap

    Despite sailing through the Senate subcommittee on higher ed unopposed and having broad bipartisan support in both chambers, AB 897 (Medina) did not survive the legislators’ decision in March to consider only those bills necessary […]

  • Federal Court Grants San Diego Community College District Immunity to Abuse Part-time Faculty with Impunity

    At a time when the United States’ Commander in Chief tacitly endorses racist groups, when he delights in name-calling against political opponents, blatantly lies in a public debate and television interviews, when political acrimony is […]

  • book-stack

    Resolution Against Overloads

    CPFA RESOLUTION AGAINST FULL-TIME FACULTY TEACHING OVERLOADS IN THE CALIFORNIA COMMUNITY COLLEGE SYSTEM Background: The California Part-time Faculty Association has long held that full-time faculty in the California Community College system should not be allowed […]

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