• What is the WEP?

    By David Milroy, CPFA Director of Administration The Windfall Elimination Provision was enacted in 1983 as part of major amendments designed to shore up the financing of the Social Security program. The reduction of the […]

  • Podcast from Chris Newfield

    Chris blogs at XXX.href=”http://utotherescue.blogspot.com/”> He has recently spoken at length to CS Soong at KPFA and I recommend this podcast! https://kpfa.org/episode/against-the-grain-september-1-2015/

  • Betting on the CPFA

    Betting on the CPFA: A Pragmatic Solution to the “Perilous World of the Adjunct Professor” By John Martin, Chair California Part-time Faculty Association Presented May 5, 2017 PAL Conference   In a December 2013 edition […]

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