CPFA Executive Council Elections 2021

The new EC will be announced on May 8th at The Annual CPFA Conference 2021.

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Currently, there are no contested seats on the CPFA Executive Council board.

Voting will be limited to a new proposition to amend the language of the CPFA Constitution (click below to view a sample ballot).

The make up of the new board and the results of the election on the proposed Constitutional amendment will be announced and instituted at The Annual CPFA Conference, 2021, on May 8th.

Ballot preview of proposed Constitutional Amendment.

The Proposed Amendment to the Constitution

Shall Article V of the CPFA Constitution be amended to include a new section as follows:

Section 5.  Notwithstanding any other section of Article V, elected council members may confirm additional non-elected members to the council in accordance with provisions as specified in the By-laws.

Explanation: This amendment would allow the CPFA Executive Council (EC) to confirm representatives to the EC, granting them the same privileges as elected representatives. Changes to the By-laws that would govern this provision would require a two-thirds vote of the EC. For example, this would allow a person from a Contract Member organization to serve on the EC.

If you choose Yes, your vote will be counted in favor of the proposed amendment.

If you choose No, your vote will be counted in opposition to the proposed amendment.

If you choose to Abstain, your vote will not be counted either in favor or opposition to the proposed amendment.

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