crowd-of-colorful-people-to-joinAre you thinking you might like to join CPFA, but are not sure how or what that entails? Would like to renew your membership quickly and reliably? Maybe you are seeking more information about what CPFA does with its members dues and what you stand to gain from it. Now you can do all of this and more online, and start supporting quality education and fair working conditions for thousands of part-time faculty throughout the California Community Colleges System today. 


Find out how to become a member of CPFA today, and join the growing chorus of voices demanding quality education and fair working conditions for all faculty. 

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Why Join CPFA?

Not sure why you should join CPFA? Want to know where membership dues actually go? Find out how you benefit directly by becoming a member, and what CPFA prioritizes with its budget. 

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Renew Your Membership

Are you a member of CPFA already? Now you have more options for paying your annual membership dues quickly and reliably.

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Do you have more questions about CPFA, but have not found the answers you are looking for? See if the answers to your questions are provided in CPFA’s Frequently Asked Questions page. 


Contact Us Now

If you are still looking for more information concerning CPFA membership or if you are having any issues concerning your payment, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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or call 1-916-572-CPFA (2732)

CPFA On Social Media

You can also always find out more about CPFA and/or contact us on any of our social media accounts, such as, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. And while you’re there, don’t forget to LIKE us on Facebook and TWEET to your colleagues what you like about us on Twitter!

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