• Reflections on COCAL XI

    Thanks to the convergence of generous funding from CCCI and the support of De Anza’s VP for Instruction who finds value in the Faculty Association’s members being as up-to-date on bargaining issues as possible, I […]

  • Interview: National Adjunct Walkout Day

    by Marnie Webster | 1 November 2014 Interest has skyrocketed regarding an anonymous call to action made via Facebook on October 1st. The post states simply that “adjuncts across the country will come together” next […]

  • National Adjunct Walkout Day Is Everyone’s Plan

    28 October 2014 National Adjunct Walkout Day (NAWD) is on the tip of many adjuncts’ tongues, as well it should be. Such an action is long overdue. On Twitter, FaceBook, listservs, and the new NAWD […]

  • Adjunct Faculty Must Lead

    by Dennis Selder The New York Times recently ran a story that finds empirical evidence corroborating the economic struggle most working people experience:  “A Recovery, but Only for Those Who Need It Least.”  The explanation the author gives for […]

  • Why Can’t We All Work Together?

    by William Lipkin | 5 July 2014 I became active in the labor movement over 25 years ago at a time when very few people even knew what the word ‘adjunct’ referred to. I immediately […]

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