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CPFA’s major goal is to abolish the two-tier system of exploitation of part-time faculty in our institutions of higher learning. Your membership represents your tangible commitment to the goals of CPFA and to the vision which forged its creation. It also represents one more voice added to the growing chorus demanding professional equity for those who teach part-time in our state’s colleges and universities.

Annual dues are $40 and can be paid by mail with a check and our printable sign up form, payroll deduction, or you can use our convenient and secure online form. Online Form.

If you choose payroll deduction, you will need to turn in the payment form to your payroll department.  If you need help, please contact Dennis Selder at

Your dues will help sustain CPFA’s extensive campaign to educate both the public and lawmakers about the flagrant inequities within the system, and to promote legislation to redress those injustices.

Your membership dollars will also bolster CPFA’s efforts to protect and uphold the principles of academic freedom for part- and full-time faculty alike.

As a member of CPFA you are given access to our Elchorro Listserv. You will have the opportunity to join all CPFA members in discussions ranging from EDD benefits to legislation to current part-time issues in the news. Elchorro is a valuable resource for part-time faculty across the state.

CPFA publishes the CPFA Journal twice a year. By becoming a member of CPFA, you can request this newsletter be sent directly to you by email or you may receive a printed copy in the mail.

As an advocacy organization, CPFA is strongly committed to limiting higher education’s reliance upon part-time instructors, and enhancing the working conditions of those part-timers who remain. 

CPFA also sees itself as an advisory organization, serving as a coalition-builder and resource center for faculty organizations throughout the state. Such far-reaching efforts require a strong and united front, and the combined voices of people like you demanding equity and change.

As CPFA continues to grow, each voice is a crucial one, strengthening our cause and sustaining our resolve. We deeply appreciate your support.

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