A little education, in our case, a semester-long series of meetings, on behalf of all part time faculty would go a long way for getting other community colleges to become “Contract” CPFA Members. It’s only $1.00 per person, per each month each person is teaching. The revenue this generates gives CPFA the stability it needs to continue lobbying in Sacramento for Ed Code changes.

Stacey Burks,
President, PFA/CWA
Butte College

CPFA is seeking to expand and strengthen partnerships with allied organizations and local faculty unions in order to amplify the voice of part-time faculty at the Capitol, starting with an expansion of ongoing discussions with both the California Governor and Chancellor’s Offices.

Any local bargaining unit can join the statewide effort to improve the working conditions for all California Community College (CCC) part-time faculty (PTF) by becoming a Contract Member (CM) of CPFA.

CPFA achieves its statewide objectives by promoting legislation that directly protects and improves working conditions for CCC PTF and the learning environment for our students.

Since CPFA is an independent, non-union, PTF-run organization, the process of proposing or opposing bills that impact PTF is far more efficient and streamlined than any other statewide entity claiming to support PTF. Over the years, CPFA has built a strong rapport with legislators and their staffers in Sacramento, and a track record of leveraging it to support important legislative solutions that impact PTF across the state, such as the bill for pay-parity and the bill that raised the PTF workload cap from 60% to 67% of a full-time load. Currently, CPFA sponsored AB 2277, raising the current 67% up to 85% while no other statewide institution introduced any bills for PTF.

Contract membership in CPFA is sustained by members of your union opting to contribute just $1 of every paycheck from each PTF member in their district (That is less than a cup of coffee!). 

Contract membership earns you a seat at the table with our Executive Council (EC) with full EC privileges, each contract member has full voting rights and eligibility to run for leadership positions, so you can inform CPFA policies and strategies. Contract membership also supports independent, PTF-focused events and publications, such as our monthly eNewsletter, bi-annual journal, annual conference, and workshops, among other activities.  Our goal is to increase our budget so that we can hire our very own lobbyist. But wait! There’s still more! When you become a CM of CPFA, we will prominently display your union ad (for free!) on our website and in our publications. CPFA’s purpose is to empower PTF at every level!

Join the statewide effort to improve the working conditions for all California Community College part-time faculty by becoming a Contract Member of CPFA today!

CPFA is a statewide professional organization founded in 1998 whose mission is to advocate, educate and help legislate on behalf of the thousands of part-time faculty and their students within the CCC system.