Advocating for change is one of the cornerstones of The California Part-time Faculty Association’s (CPFA) founding principles. Part of CPFA’s motivating vision is to complement, enhance and reinvigorate the work that is already being done in post-secondary faculty organizations across the state and nationally who share the CPFA mission, as well as to create new alliances with other faculty, academic, labor, or social organizations, statewide or nationally, who share CPFA’s goals. Our hope is that a strategically collaborative approach will pick up momentum as CPFA further expands a united community of part-time advocates on the ground and online, and as CPFA ultimately builds a louder, more powerful voice advocating for the basic rights of part-time faculty in higher education.

Workers’ Rights


Do part-time faculty have rights?

The CPFA’s Executive Committee believes that they do, and seeks to endorse a complete Bill of Rights for all part-time faculty — an unprecedented declaration first proposed by Jack Longmate in Seattle, Washington.

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