• The Impact of COVID-19 on Part-Time Faculty

    By David Milroy, Carol Whaley, and Alexis Moore The California Part-Time Faculty Association (CPFA) sent out a survey to part-time faculty all over the state and the responses are even more alarming than one might […]

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    COVID-19 & Part-Time Faculty Survey Results

    GREETINGS COLLEAGUES: CPFA wanted to hear from you all to find out from PART-TIME FACULTY what is currently being done in California with regard to your working conditions with Covid -19, which is temporarily changing […]

  • Retirement Survey 2019

    CPFA Part-time Faculty Retirement Survey 2019 By David Milroy In the spring 2019 issue, CPFA posted a survey concerning part-time faculty and their knowledge of and plans for retirement. The survey consisted of 10 questions […]

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    67% Survey

    Hover your mouse over a chart to pause the slideshow. Should the 67% part-time teaching load limit be increased? Part-time or adjunct faculty in the California Community College system were originally limited to teaching 60% […]