• The Annual CPFA Conference 2023

    "One Tier System: It’s Time" May 6, 2023 from 10am to 4pm (On Zoom) Register Now (Free)!

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  • Executive Council Elections 2023

    Nominations for the CPFA Executive Council (EC) are now being accepted from members in good standing. If you wish to vote or run for a position in this year's EC election and are not a current member of CPFA, join or renew your membership using our secure online signup form today!

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  • How to negotiate with the State of California

    You are a part-timer.  As one of approximately forty-thousand teachers employed across California community colleges, your labor is being used to subsidize the salaries of not just full-time faculty but a hierarchy of administrators who use us as a cash cow.  If you’re okay with that—with the guy in the classroom right next to yours making double for teaching a different section of the same class—or if you find yourself relatively free of financial stress or job insecurity, then read no further.  If, on the other hand, you agree there is a problem, then read on!

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  • Faculty Apartheid in Higher Education

    Nearly seventy years ago the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that separate can never be equal and struck down racial segregation in our nation’s K-12 public schools (Brown v. Board of Education). Yet in the past fifty years, higher education has instituted a separate but unequal system of faculty employment based on tenure-status. . . .

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  • Don’t Forget Kashara Moore

    By Kristie Iwamoto CPFA Northern Regional Representative Long Beach City College part-time union President Dr. Kashara Moore was fired for allegedly “elbowing” a student after the student took issue with her name being mispronounced during […]

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  • Adjuncts sue California community college system, eight local districts over unpaid work hours

    ‘It’s been a long time brewing,’ one of the plaintiffs said over the suit which alleges violations of state law. By Thomas Peele an Investigative Reporter at EdSourceReposted with Permission of EdSource Seven part-time community college […]

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  • Newsom rejects second effort to make more community college adjunct faculty eligible for health care

    For the second consecutive year, Gov. Gavin Newsom has rejected a bill that would have made more community college part-time professors . . .

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  • Parity Pay or Equal Pay?

    “Pay parity” is a term perennially associated with part-time faculty in a two-tiered workplace, not part-time workers in other professions paid on the same basis as full-time workers, such as part-time engineers, physicians, retail cashiers, or K-12 teachers. The “parity pay” bill, AB-1752...

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  • Why Don’t All the Contingent Professors Strike or Just Quit?

    Three decades ago part-time college professors were paid at a much lower rate than their full-time, tenure-track counterparts, had artificial caps imposed on their workload limits, received few benefits. . .

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  • California Community College Faculty Contracts

    “If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.” This is a list of the most recent California Community College faculty contracts (collective bargaining agreements) that can be found online. This page is periodically […]

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