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    Resolution Against Overloads

    CPFA RESOLUTION AGAINST FULL-TIME FACULTY TEACHING OVERLOADS IN THE CALIFORNIA COMMUNITY COLLEGE SYSTEM Background: The California Part-time Faculty Association has long held that full-time faculty in the California Community College system should not be allowed […]

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    Black Lives Matter

    CPFA has always advocated for equity and fair treatment, and implicit in that mission is the responsibility to advocate for all marginalized communities. We at CPFA cannot and will not tolerate the systemic racism that […]

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    COVID-19 & Part-Time Faculty Survey Results

    GREETINGS COLLEAGUES: CPFA wanted to hear from you all to find out from PART-TIME FACULTY what is currently being done in California with regard to your working conditions with Covid -19, which is temporarily changing […]

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    Protecting Part-time Faculty from the Backlash of COVID-19

          Fellow Adjunct-Contingent Faculty and Allies: While we are in the early stages of this pandemic, it is abundantly clear that the COVID-19 outbreak has already created the greatest disruption in American Higher […]

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  • Retirement Survey 2019

    CPFA Part-time Faculty Retirement Survey 2019 By David Milroy In the spring 2019 issue, CPFA posted a survey concerning part-time faculty and their knowledge of and plans for retirement. The survey consisted of 10 questions […]

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    67% Survey

    Hover your mouse over a chart to pause the slideshow. Should the 67% part-time teaching load limit be increased? Part-time or adjunct faculty in the California Community College system were originally limited to teaching 60% […]

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    Why the Supreme Court Ruling on Unions Could Be Good for Adjuncts

    By Keith Hoeller Originally published in The Chronicle of Higher Education Republished with consent of the author. June 29, 2018   The debate over Janus v. AFSCME, on which the U.S. Supreme Court ruled this week, […]

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  • British Columbia Community College Faculty: Building Job Security

    Building Job Security into Community College Faculty Work  Experiences in British Columbia by Frank Cosco, originally published on LABORonline’s blog (LAWCHA) on November 6th, 2017 Frank Cosco is currently First Vice-President of the Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of British Columbia. […]

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    Where Does the Money Go?: Transparent California Data Analysis

    By David Milroy and members of the San Diego Adjunct Faculty Association (SDAFA) Originally published in the CPFA Journal, Spring 2018 edition. Read more>> As a part-time or adjunct instructor, have you ever wondered how […]

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