• Why Overloads Are a Bad Deal for All Faculty

    BY JEFF BAKER Guest Blogger / July 27, 2016 ACADEME BLOG, The blog of Academe magazine (Re-posted with permission of the author)   The word overload can have more than one meaning to higher education faculty. It can mean […]

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  • CPFA Thanks Assembly Member Jose Medina

      On Wednesday, April 26th, CPFA Chair, John Martin, presented Assembly Member Medina with a Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of all California’s part-time faculty in the California Community Colleges System (CCC System) and thanked him […]

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  • We Was Robbed

    Your Job Negotiated Every Day When I first started working as a part-timer, the job with its duties, working arrangements, and responsibilities felt natural. I figured people smarter and more experienced than I am had […]

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  • Part-time Faculty activism and job loss: The fightback landscape

    I have been wondering about how to develop a system, nationwide or statewide, that would serve as some sort of a -shield for activists who are facing harassment, termination or pressures at their home institution(s). […]

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  • Betting on the CPFA

    Betting on the CPFA: A Pragmatic Solution to the “Perilous World of the Adjunct Professor” By John Martin, Chair California Part-time Faculty Association Presented May 5, 2017 PAL Conference   In a December 2013 edition […]

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