Part of CPFA’s vision is to provide both a resource for part-time faculty and an educational platform for faculty and students alike, which focuses on improving education and working conditions in the California Community Colleges System (CCC). Below includes a table of contents of the variety of materials and resources compiled by CPFA or contributed by the community, which is fully accessible to everyone free of charge on our website. Our hope is that this platform for sharing academic level work concerning important educational and social justice issues, which are less likely to be picked up by more mainstream, academic circles and news outlets, will continue its rapid growth in the coming years as CPFA works to expand its community online.

For over a decade, CPFA has been producing a biannual journal for circulation among members and the CCC community at large. CPFA makes all current and past journals available on its website free of charge. Download CPFA journals as a PDF or access front page feature articles from the CPFA Journal Page.

Don’t miss CPFA’s Must-Reads Book List. It’s the place to find scholarly work published on issues related to part-time faculty working conditions and effects, working conditions in higher education, and strategies and handbooks for improving or addressing part-time faculty teaching. 

Check out this pay comparison chart, published in 2008 in the CPFA journal and the figures reported to the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s office by individual community college districts in 2011. See how far an institution departs from statewide averages in Numbers Don’t Lie.

CPFA has collected a variety of additional publications, analyses, and reports relevant to part-time faculty issues, which can be accessed from the links provided on the Additional Publications Page


Here CPFA has started compiling a list of important external links and materials for educators, part-time faculty, and anyone seeking information on CCC working conditions and quality education. See the full list here



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