The following is intended to provide an updated list of books and other reading material with important and/or useful information for California Community College Faculty. It’s based on the list started on the Elchorro listserv. You’ll find one of our recent additions featured at the top of our growing selection, but you can also find it grouped below with others that have a similar theme or purpose. 

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Equality for Contingent Faculty:
Overcoming the Two-Tier System
Paperback – May 9, 2014
by Keith Hoeller (Editor)
“The picture of our exploitation that emerges is frightening to reflect on. This book is a ‘must read’.” — Robert B. Yoshioka, Legislative Analyst, California Part-Time Faculty Association


Equality for Contingent Faculty brings together eleven activists from the United States and Canada to describe the problem, share case histories, and offer concrete solutions. Read more

Read Chapter 5: 

The Academic Labor System of Faculty Apartheid


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PT Faculty Working Conditions

Higher Education Working Conditions

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