Equality for Contingent Faculty: Overcoming the Two-Tier System
Paperback – May 9, 2014
by Keith Hoeller (Editor)

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“The picture of our exploitation that emerges is frightening to reflect on. This book is a ‘must read’.”
Robert B. Yoshioka, Legislative Analyst,

California Part-Time Faculty Association

Overview. Vice President Joseph Biden has blamed tuition increases on the high salaries of college professors, seemingly unaware of the fact that there are now over one million faculty who earn poverty-level wages teaching off the tenure track. The Chronicle of Higher Education ran a story entitled “From Graduate School to Welfare: The PhD Now Comes with Food Stamps.” Today three-fourths of all faculty are characterized as “contingent instructional staff,” a nearly tenfold increase from 1975.
Equality for Contingent Faculty brings together eleven activists from the United States and Canada to describe the problem, share case histories, and offer concrete solutions. The book begins with three accounts of successful organizing efforts within the two-track system. The second part describes how the two-track system divides the faculty into haves and have-nots and leaves the majority without the benefit of academic freedom or the support of their institutions. The third part offers roadmaps for overcoming the deficiencies of the two-track system and providing equality for all professors, regardless of status or rank.

Read Chapter 5: The Academic Labor System of Faculty Apartheid, by Keith Hoeller, exclusively here on CPFA’s website!

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