• Chart 3

    67% Survey

    Hover your mouse over a chart to pause the slideshow. Should the 67% part-time teaching load limit be increased? Part-time or adjunct faculty in the California Community College system were originally limited to teaching 60% […]

  • Chart-salary-comparison

    Where Does the Money Go?: Transparent California Data Analysis

    By David Milroy and members of the San Diego Adjunct Faculty Association (SDAFA) Originally published in the CPFA Journal, Spring 2018 edition. Read more>> As a part-time or adjunct instructor, have you ever wondered how […]

  • We Was Robbed

    We Was Robbed

    Your Job Negotiated Every Day When I first started working as a part-timer, the job with its duties, working arrangements, and responsibilities felt natural. I figured people smarter and more experienced than I am had […]

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