• Adjunct Faculty Must Lead

    by Dennis Selder The New York Times recently ran a story that finds empirical evidence corroborating the economic struggle most working people experience:  “A Recovery, but Only for Those Who Need It Least.”  The explanation the author gives for […]

  • Writing Our Own History

    by Dennis Selder If you read the seamless articles geared for the select group of community college administrators who  portray themselves as “leaders” and “educational innovators” of the  community college system, you will find a […]

  • What?

    by Dennis Selder On February 6th, the PBS Newshour, ran a show “Is academia suffering from ‘adjunctivitis’? Low-paid adjunct professors struggle to make ends meet.”   In it are the familiar cast of characters—the full-timer who […]

  • Betting on the CPFA

    Betting on the CPFA: A Pragmatic Solution to the “Perilous World of the Adjunct Professor” By John Martin, Chair California Part-time Faculty Association Presented May 5, 2017 PAL Conference   In a December 2013 edition […]