• National Adjunct Walkout Day Action in Sacramento

    National Adjunct Walkout Day Action in Sacramento

    Please join part-time faculty and allies for a day of action at the state Capitol building on Wednesday, February 25, 2015 at 11 am. The gathering, based on an idea from California Part-Time Faculty Association […]

  • Freeway Fliers Documentary Being Made

    Freeway Fliers: A Documentary about Higher Education’s Best Kept Secret is an upcoming film by Brad Rettele, Professor X and Professor Y, the latter two being anonymous adjuncts involved in the project. The film promises […]

  • Adjunct Faculty Must Lead

    Adjunct Faculty Must Lead

    by Dennis Selder The New York Times recently ran a story that finds empirical evidence corroborating the economic struggle most working people experience:  “A Recovery, but Only for Those Who Need It Least.”  The explanation the author gives for […]

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