Please join part-time faculty and allies for a day of action at the state Capitol building on Wednesday, February 25, 2015 at 11 am. The gathering, based on an idea from California Part-Time Faculty Association (CPFA) member Beth Clary during  a discussion of National Adjunct Walkout Day (NAWD), is aimed at uniting with contingent faculty and allies across the country and around the world to advocate the need for change.

CPFA NAWD flierAs an early supporter of the NAWD spirit, CPFA recognizes that not all part-time faculty feel comfortable with the term walkout, and is delighted to see so many of us embrace the call to action symbolically. In December, National Mobilization for Equity called for February 23-27 to be seen as National Adjunct Action Week (NAAW) in order to address issues surrounding the call for a walkout and accommodate contingents who may not be able to participate on the 25th. The week also opens the action to participation from unions and faculty in states that are legally blocked from involvement.

Please note that the flier asks participants to meet at 10:45 am on the north steps of the Capitol facing L Street. For national and international updates and interaction with others, visit the NAWD Facebook page here, and for ideas for actions big and small, visit the NAWD Tumblr page here. Twitter users can visit NAWD’s @NationalAdjunct twitter account here.

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4 Replies to “National Adjunct Walkout Day Action in Sacramento”

  1. John Martin

    Thanks for posting this announcement. I have receive many emails on whether or not this was fro real! I assured them that it was! They will be coming.

  2. Mitch Darnell

    I knew nothing about this day, and I’ve been an Adjunct for 10 years now.

    I want to be involved in affecting positive change (AND in some sort of class-action suit to obtain WAY overdue pay for all of the unpaid work us Adjuncts have donated to the greedy colleges over the years)!

    Mitch Darnell

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