• Tenure for the Common Good

    BY CAROLYN BETENSKY Guest Blogger / September 14, 2017 ACADEME BLOG, The blog of Academe magazine [Tenure for the Common Good has been re-posted with permission of the author] Those with the least job security […]

  • The Academic Labor System of Faculty Apartheid

    This excerpt has been posted on the CPFA website with the express permission of its author.     CPFA’s Must-Read Book Spotlight. Buy the book on Amazon.  Equality for Contingent Faculty: Overcoming the Two-Tier System by […]

  • CPFA Thanks Assembly Member Jose Medina

      On Wednesday, April 26th, CPFA Chair, John Martin, presented Assembly Member Medina with a Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of all California’s part-time faculty in the California Community Colleges System (CCC System) and thanked him […]

  • Freeway Fliers Documentary Being Made

    Freeway Fliers: A Documentary about Higher Education’s Best Kept Secret is an upcoming film by Brad Rettele, Professor X and Professor Y, the latter two being anonymous adjuncts involved in the project. The film promises […]

  • National Adjunct Walkout Day Is Everyone’s Plan

    28 October 2014 National Adjunct Walkout Day (NAWD) is on the tip of many adjuncts’ tongues, as well it should be. Such an action is long overdue. On Twitter, FaceBook, listservs, and the new NAWD […]