The capitol in Sacramento is where the top-down decisions are made, affecting thousands of part-time faculty across the state. CPFA goes straight to the source; working to give a voice to thousands of part-time faculty across the state, and keeping you updated on the legislation that will make a difference.

CPFA Sponsors AB 2277: Raising the Part-Time Faculty Workload Cap

AB 2277 will increase the maximum number of instructional hours that a part-time California Community College faculty member may teach …

Letter to Senator Portantino in Support of AB1856

When it comes to fiscal impact, the [projected] $200 to $400M…is a totally moot point. According to IRS guidelines, districts …

Support For AB 1856: Workload Cap Increase

Letter to Assembly Member Medina expressing CPFA’s endorsement of AB 1856, which would raise the workload cap on part-time faculty …

Support for AB 1752: Pay Parity For PTers

A recent letter sent to Assembly Member Holden expressing CPFA’s strong endorsement of AB 1752, which would help to bring …

AB 375 Support Letter

As Chair of the California Part Time Faculty Association (CPFA), I am writing to express resounding support for AB 375 …

HISTORY: It all started when CPFA spearheaded AB 591, a bill that would extend the arbitrary teaching load limit that the state of California has on part-time faculty teaching loads (it’s the only state in the nation to do so).  After a long and difficult process at the capitol, CPFA managed our first tangible win for part-time faculty state-wide; AB 591 ultimately extended the part-time faculty teaching load to 67% of a full-timer’s load. This was a clear demonstration of the success that was possible with CPFA’s unprecedented approach to part-time faculty issues: make the voice of part-time faculty heard by going to the source of legislating action. CPFA has continued its work at the capitol and in Sacramento on new legislative initiatives concerning pay parity, job security, benefits and institutional integration of part-time faculty on a state-wide level, which are integral to the overall quality of education in the CCC system and most importantly to California’s student success rates.

Read more about the CPFA’s legislative approach at Sacramento’s capitol in Betting on CPFA: A Pragmatic Solution to the “Perilous World of the Adjunct Professor”, by John Martin, CPFA Chair. 

For more information on CPFA’s activities at the Capitol, contact:

John MartinRobert YoshiokaVACANT
CPFA Chair Faculty EmeritusLegislative Analyst 
John MartinCPFA Chair
Robert YoshiokaFaculty
VACANTLegislative Analyst  

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