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    Resolution Against Overloads

    CPFA RESOLUTION AGAINST FULL-TIME FACULTY TEACHING OVERLOADS IN THE CALIFORNIA COMMUNITY COLLEGE SYSTEM Background: The California Part-time Faculty Association has long held that full-time faculty in the California Community College system should not be allowed […]

  • Why Overloads Are a Bad Deal for All Faculty

    BY JEFF BAKER (Re-posted with permission of the author) Originally published July 27, 2016, ACADEME BLOG, The blog of Academe magazine The word overload can have more than one meaning to higher education faculty. It can mean […]

  • Should Full-Time Faculty Be CPFA Members?

    The fall of 2013 has delivered a rich assortment of mainstream news stories and academic articles dealing with the tenuous circumstances of part-time faculty in higher education. In San Diego, The Reader published last week, […]

  • Assembly Bill 950 Toxic to Higher Education

    The recently deposed California State Assembly Bill 950—AB 950—points to the general unwillingness of educators and legislators to confront the basic inequity that is built into California community colleges.  AB 950 exemplifies a power dynamic […]