• 2024 Chair’s Report

    Assembly Bill 2277 (Wallis), our bill to raise the part-time teaching cap from 67% to 85% of a full-time course load, is now going through the political process in Sacramento. (For more on this bill, […]

  • On Seeking Broad, Systemic Change

    Since 1998, the California Part-time Faculty Association (CPFA) has been a leader in calling out the injustices facing part-time faculty working within California’s community college system: no job security, no due process, scant seniority rights, […]

  • Chair’s Report 2023

    A new, two-year legislative cycle in Sacramento began this year, and with it, up to a quarter of California’s Senate and Assembly were newly sworn in. New legislators are usually relatively fresh to the process […]

  • Chair’s Report, Fall 2022

    A Note from the Chair of CPFA Dear Readers, In the past, I have always provided my “Report” on CPFA’s efforts in the fight for part-time faculty rights in California. However, this time I feel […]

  • Chair’s Report (2022)

    By John Martin, Chair of CPFA Last year, community college part-time faculty activists and their allies were outraged when the Assembly’s Appropriations Committee killed AB-1269 and then again when Governor Newsome vetoed AB-375. These two […]

  • Chair’s Report

    By John Martin, CPFA Chair I am sure I am not alone in feeling that the early events of the new year seem to have revealed that we are living in a different world! There […]

  • Chair’s Report Fall 2020

    The year 2020 has been a rollercoaster ride, not least of all for those of us who teach at one or more community colleges in California. Like most educators, we’ve had to modify or completely […]

  • IMHO – Chair’s Report

    Since my last update, an important bill, AB 897, was authored by Assemblymember Jose Medina (D-Riverside) to raise the 67% workload cap on part-time faculty in California’s Community Colleges System to 80-85% of a full-time […]

  • Betting on the CPFA

    Betting on the CPFA: A Pragmatic Solution to the “Perilous World of the Adjunct Professor” By John Martin, Chair California Part-time Faculty Association Presented May 5, 2017 PAL Conference   In a December 2013 edition […]