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This is a list of the most recent California Community College faculty contracts (collective bargaining agreements) that can be found online. This page is periodically updated; the last major revisions were made on 2/6/21.

This list is maintained by John Govsky. If you know of any updates, please send John an e-mail.

If you are looking for contract language to propose in your own negotiations, remember that any final language that you see is probably the result of a compromise, and may not have been an initial bargaining position.

Table Key

  • (?) = No website or contract could be found online
  • (PT only) = Part-timers only local
  • (FT only) = Full-timers only local
Local Union
Adjunct Faculty United (North Orange County) (PT only)CCC/CFT/AFT Local 6106Contract 17-20
AFT Guild, San Diego & Grossmont-Cuyamaca Comm. CollegesCCC/CFT/AFT Local 1931Contract 20-22 (SD)
Contract 19-21 (G-C)
All Faculty Association (Santa Rosa Junior College)CCCI/IndependentContract 19-22
Antelope Valley College Federation of TeachersCCC/CFT/AFT Local 4683AContract 18-21
Barstow College Faculty AssociationCCA/CTA/NEAContract 17-20
Butte College Education Association (FT only)CCA/CTA/NEAContract 18-21
Butte College Part-Time Faculty Association (PT only)UPTE/CWA Local 9119Contract 18-21
Cabrillo College Federation of TeachersCCC/CFT/AFT Local 4400Contract 19-22
Calbright Faculty Association (?)CCA/CTA/NEA(no contract found)
Chabot-Las Positas Faculty AssociationCCCI/IndependentContract 19-22
Chaffey College Faculty AssociationCCA/CTA/NEAContract 20-23
Cerritos College Faculty FederationCCC/CFT/AFT Local 6215Contract 18-21
Citrus College Adjunct Faculty Federation (PT only)CCC/CFT/AFT Local 6352Contract 20-23
Citrus College Faculty Association (FT only)CCA/CTA/NEAContract 18-20
Coast Community College Association (PT only)CCA/CTA/NEAContract 18-20
Coast Federation of EducatorsCCC/CFT/AFT Local 1911Contract 18-20
College of the Canyons Faculty Association (FT only)CCA/CTA/NEAContract 18-20
College of the Desert Adjunct Association (PT only)CCA/CTA/NEAContract 17-21
College of the Desert Faculty Association (FT only)CCA/CTA/NEAContract 20-23
College of the Redwoods Faculty OrganizationCCCI/IndependentContract 19-22
College of the Sequoias Adjunct Faculty Association (PT only)UPTE/CWA Local 9119Contract 19-22
College of the Sequoias Teachers Association (FT only)CCA/CTA/NEAContract 19-22
College of the Siskiyous Faculty AssociationCCA/CTA/NEAContract 19-22
Copper Mountain College Faculty AssociationCCA/CTA/NEAContract 18-21
Cuesta College Federation of TeachersCCC/CFT/AFT Local 4909Contract 19-22
El Camino College Federation of TeachersCCC/CFT/AFT Local 1388Contract 20-22
Faculty Association of Allan Hancock College (FT only)CCCI/IndependentContract 18-21
Faculty Association/Foothill-De Anza CCDCCCI/IndependentContract 19-22
Faculty Association of the Rancho Santiago CCDCCA/CTA/NEA Local 5231Contract 19-22
Faculty Association of Yuba CCD (FT only) (?) Contract 19-22
Feather River Federation of Teachers (?)CCC/CFT/AFT Local 4615Contract 19-22 (FT only)
Contract 21-24 (PT only)
Gavilan College Faculty AssociationCCA/CTA/NEAContract 18-21
Glendale College GuildCCC/CFT/AFT Local 2276Contract 18-21
Hartnell College Faculty AssociationCCA/CTA/NEAContract 19-22
Imperial Valley College Chapter of the CCA/CTA/NEACCA/CTA/NEAContract 18-21
Kern CCD Community College AssociationCCA/CTA/NEAContract 20-23
Lake Tahoe Community College Faculty Association (?)CCA/CTA/NEAContract 19-22
Lassen College Faculty AssociationCCA/CTA/NEAContract 17-20
Long Beach City College CC AssociationCCA/CTA/NEAContract 20-23
Los Angeles College Faculty GuildCCC/CFT/AFT Local 1521Contract 20-23
Los Rios College Federation of TeachersCCC/CFT/AFT Local 2279Contract 21-23
Mendocino College Federation of Teachers (FT only)CCC/CFT/AFT Local 6322Contract 20-23
Mendocino Community College Part-time Fac. Assoc. (PT only)CCA/CTA/NEAContract 18-21
Merced College Faculty AssociationCCA/CTA/NEA Chapter 770Contract 18-21
MiraCosta College Academic Associate Faculty (PT only)CCA/CTA/NEAContract 18-21
Monterey Peninsula College Teachers AssociationCCA/CTA/NEAContract 17-19
Mt. San Antonio College Faculty AssociationCCA/CTA/NEAContract 19-22
Mt. San Jacinto Faculty Association (FT only)CCA/CTA/NEAContract 17-20
Mt. San Jacinto Part Time Faculty (PT only)UPTE/CWA Local 9119Contract 19-22
Napa Valley College Faculty AssociationCCA/CTA/NEAContract 17-20
Palo Verde College Faculty AssociationCCA/CTA/NEAContract 19-22
Part-Time Faculty United, College of the Canyons (PT only)CCC/CFT/AFT Local 6262Contract 18-20
Palomar Faculty FederationCCC/CFT/AFT Local 6161Contract 19-22
Part Time Faculty Assoc. of Allan Hancock College (PT only)CCC/CFT/AFT Local 6185Contract 17-20
Part-Time Faculty United, Victor Valley College (PT only)CCC/CFT/AFT Local 6286Contract 19-21
Pasadena City College Faculty AssociationCCCI/IndependentContract 19-22
Peralta Federation of TeachersCCC/CFT/AFT Local 1603Contract 19-22
Rancho Santiago Continuing Education Fac. Assoc. (PT only) (?)CCA/CTA/NEAContract 18-20
Rio Hondo College Faculty AssociationCCA/CTA/NEAContract 19-22
Riverside CCD Faculty AssociationCCA/CTA/NEAContract 18-21
San Bernardino CCD Teachers AssociationCCA/CTA/NEAContract 19-20
San Jose/Evergreen Faculty AssociationCCC/CFT/AFT Local 6157Contract 20-23
San Francisco CCD Federation of TeachersCCC/CFT/AFT Local 2121Contract 18-21
San Joaquin Delta College Teachers AssociationCCA/CTA/NEAContract 18-21
San Mateo Community College Federation of TeachersCCC/CFT/AFT Local 1493Contract 16-19
Santa Barbara City College Faculty AssociationCCCI/IndependentContract 18-21
Santa Monica College Faculty AssociationCCCI/IndependentContract 19-22
Sierra College Faculty AssociationCCA/CTA/NEAContract 17-20
Shasta College Faculty AssociationCCA/CTA/NEAContract 20-23
Solano College Faculty AssociationCCA/CTA/NEAContract 21-23
South Orange County CCD Faculty AssociationCCA/CTA/NEAContract 18-21
Southwestern College Education AssociationCCA/CTA/NEAContract 17-20
State Center Federation of TeachersCCC/CFT/AFT Local 1533Contract 18-21 (FT only)
Contract 18-21 (PT only)
Taft College Faculty AssociationCCA/CTA/NEAContract 17-20
United Faculty (North Orange County) (FT only)CCA/CTA/NEAContract 16-19 (TA 20)
United Faculty of OhloneCCCI/IndependentContract 17-20
United Faculty of the Contra Costa CCDCCCI/IndependentContract 17-20
United Professors of MarinCCC/CFT/AFT Local 1610Contract 20-24
Ventura County Federation of College TeachersCCC/CFT/AFT Local 1828Contract 19-22
Victor Valley College Faculty Association (FT only)CCA/CTA/NEAContract 19-22
West Hills College Faculty Association (?)CCA/CTA/NEAContract 19-22
West Valley-Mission Federation of TeachersCCC/CFT/AFT Local 6554Contract 21-24
Yuba College American Federation of Teachers (PT only)CCC/CFT/AFT Local 4952Contract 19-22
Yosemite Faculty AssociationCCCI/IndependentContract 20-23
Also see the Selected Contract Language page.

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