The CPFA Annual Conference 2021


10:00 am – Introductions & Welcome!

John Martin, CPFA Chair

Laurel Hartley, Conference Chair

Members of the CPFA Executive Council

10:15 am – Let’s Get Rid of the ‘Big Lie’

Keynote Speaker: John Govsky, CFT Vice President & Co-Chair of CFT’s Part-Time Faculty Committee

10:45 am – Discussion Moderated by John Martin, CPFA Chair

11:00 am – Break

11:15 am – Election Results 2021 Announced by Robert Yoshioka, CPFA Ex-Officio

Special Presentation: The Robert Yoshioka Non-Tenure Faculty Advocate Award

11:30 am – CA Budget Update Presented by Evan Hawkins, FACCC Executive Director

12:00 pm – Lunch Break

12:30 pm – Advocacy & Action Panel Moderated by Kristie Iwamoto, CPFA’s Public Relations & Communications Director

      • CCA/CTA Parity Bill: AB 1269
        (Assemblymember, Cristina Garcia)
          • Panelist: Randa B. Wahbe, CCA Vice President
      • CFT Raising the Workload cap from 67% to 85% bill: AB 375
        (Assemblymember, Jose Medina)
          • Panelist: Geoff Johnson, Adjunct Rep Southwestern and San Diego Mesa Colleges
      • Cal RTA WEP/GPO Repeal Bill H.R.82 – Social Security Fairness Act of 2021
        (House of Representative, Rodney Davis)
          • Panelist: Susan Dixon, State Chair of Government Relations & Cal-CRTA

3:30 pm – Closing Comments:

Where Do We Go from Today?



Special Thanks to:

Arnie Schoenberg


Executive (Current ) Council Members:

Chair, John Martin

Director of Administration, David Donica

Director of Membership, Scott Douglas

Director of Publications, Carol Whaley

Director of Finance, Dijana Fazlic

Public Relations and Communication, Kristie Iwamoto

Bay Area Region, Sue Broxholm

Northern California Region, Laurel Hartley

Robert Yoshioka, Ex-Officio

Southern Region, Vacant

Central California, Vacant

Legislative Analyst, Vacant

Director of Social Media, Vacant