FACCC is once again sponsoring an important event focused on PTF, in Oakland, California.  

November 7, 2015       Laney College            9:00 AM3:00 PM

NOTE:  If you are in a FACCC district, it would be appropriate to ask  your faculty association for funding to attend this event.  Please make the request, in writing, to your union or faculty association.  Kindly  cc the request  (and forward the response) to mhanzimanolis@cpfa.org. We want to make sure that upcoming PTF leaders and activists are supported in their activism. If you think that the FACCC costs are too high, and you do not have support from your local, please write to Jonathon LIghtman and ask for a “scholarship” to attend. 




  1. How to advocate for part-time faculty priorities

Speakers:  Jonathan Lightman, FACCC Executive Director  and Patrick Ahrens, Senior Field Representative, Assemblymember Evan Low

2.  How to get hired for a full-time position

Speaker:Dean Murakami, FACCC Past President

3.  How to better service our students


4.  Unemployment

Speaker:   Mary Ellen Goodwin, FACCC Part-Time Faculty Officer


FACCC Member – $45          Non-FACCC Member – $60