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We’ve collected a variety of original news stories and analyses for your perusing, which focus on education in California, part-time faculty and/or unions in academia that have broad national appeal. As might be expected, we take special interest in social justice issues that slip under the radar of the mainstream media.

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Letter to the Media RE: Student Success Task Force Report

Dear Members of the Media, As a provision of AB1143 (Liu), the Chancellor’s Office called on the California Community Colleges ...
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CPFA’s Unpacks The Student Success Task Force Report

The California Part-time Faculty Association (CPFA) supports the responses of the various other faculty organizations in regards to the provisions ...
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Letter to Support AB 852, Part-time Faculty Rehire Rights

To: Senator Alan Lowenthal Chair, Senate Education Committee Room 2083, State Capitol Sacramento, CA 95814 Re: AB 852 — SUPPORT Rehire ...
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