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7 Replies to “Transaction Completed”

  1. Sue

    Having to fill in an application date is a big confusing for those of us who are renewing our membership.

  2. Caron Lieber

    There are too many unions. Why don’t you all join together! Our voice would be stronger

    • Alexis Moore

      CPFA is not a union, we are an advocacy organization for part-time faculty in CA, we work to serve part-time faculty by:
      *encouraging practices and policies that ensure our faculty is as diverse as the students we serve;
      *educating the public, as well as students, faculty, administrators and legislators, about part-time faculty concerns and issues;
      *serving as a coalition and resource base for all individuals and organizations interested in promoting professional equity;
      working to complement, enhance and reinvigorate the work that is already being done in faculty organizations, statewide and nationally, who share our mission;
      *creating alliances with other faculty, academic, labor, or social organizations, statewide or nationally, who share our goals;
      seeking legislative means to achieve our goals.

      Please consider joining us!

    • John Martin

      A great concept, but not practical due to the fact that FT faculty will not allow this to happen!

    • Larry Fike

      Agreed. I’m a member of 3 unions, and one representative from one of the 3 informed me – erroneously, I believe – that I had no opt-out right any longer. I thought we just passed legislation that declared almost the exact opposite to be the case. (Not that I *would* opt out, mind you. I’m just not a fan of dubious information when I support various unions heartily.)

  3. mary Jean Stevenson

    I would like to make a motion. Could we have our meetings on weekends that do not include the first one?
    Due to the fact that I’m serve in the CSMR at March AFB each month as support to the Air Guard.

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