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CPFA PRESS RELEASE: November 18, 2015

Oakland, Calif. – The California Community College Board of Governors unanimously voted two days ago to formally adopt the recommendations of the Task Force on Accreditation. 

The Task Force  released a report in late August of 2015 which detailed the reasons for its recommendations to search for an alternative accrediting agency, as the current accreditor the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC), has made questionable decisions about the state’s community colleges.   The Board of Governors resolution included a recommendation for the chancellor’s office: 1)  to develop options for securing the services of a different accrediting agency and  2) to develop a plan for the migration of accrediting services to an entity that will partner with the California CC system and work with the colleges for collaborative improvement 

CPFA endorses the California Community College Board of Governors’  Task Force findings and supports the efforts statewide to develop new accrediting options and to involve Part-time Faculty in the accreditation process more fully. 

Margaret Hanzimanolis, Ph.D.

  A little history:  
CPFA spearheaded AB 591, a bill that extended Part-time faculty’s load limit to 67% of a Full-time teaching load.  We are at work on new legislative initiatives having to do with PTF pay parity,  PTF job security, fair PTF benefits and better PTF institutional integration, all of which are critically important to our students’ success. 

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