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  CPFA  Part-time Faculty Survey – 2015

We  want to know about YOU and your experiences as a PTer in California!   Benefits? Job Security? Retirement? Office Hours? Pay? What do our 40,000 PT colleagues have to say?

Please take this opportunity to help yourself and your PTF colleagues build a more accurate picture of our working conditions.  The results will be summarized in the Spring 2016 issue of the CPFA Journal and will be an essential tool for making  the case for inclusion and integration in all levels of governance and for a fair wage and benefit structure.   

NOTE:   You do not need to be a member of CPFA to take the survey, but we hope you will join us and support the work CPFA is doing! Please consider joining CPFA today and becoming a Member. You will get a dedicated-to-PTF advocacy organization working for you!

CPFA spearheaded AB 591, a bill that extended Part-time faculty’s load limit to 67% of a Full-time teaching load.  We are at work on new legislative initiatives having to do with PTF pay parity,  PTF job security, fair PTF benefits and better PTF institutional integration, all of which are critically important to our students’ success. 






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