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The Educated Activist: Combining Professionalism with Informed Activism
April 11, 2015 ~ De Anza College 

Serving approximately 40,000 Non-tenure Track Faculty in California Community Colleges.

CPFA has been advocating for Part-time faculty in California since 1998. This group spearheaded AB 591, which passed the state legislature and allows contingent faculty to teach 67%. CPFA advocated for AB 852, the due process, rehire rights bill which failed last summer. Please join us in our effort to improve teaching and learning conditions in California.

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CPFA Letter to Governor Brown

Dear Governor Brown,

The California Community College System is charged with educating nearly 2.5 million students annually, and has for over 40 years presumed the dedication and charity of its part-time faculty to teach over 60% of all community college classes, while maintaining an exploitative system that disrespects this large group of hardworking educational professionals. The California Community College System currently employs more than 40,000 highly qualified part-time faculty—all of whom must meet the same minimum qualifications and are subject to the same evaluative standards as their full-time counterparts.

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