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We’ve collected a variety of original news stories and analyses for your perusing, which focus on education in California, part-time faculty and/or unions in academia that have broad national appeal. As might be expected, we take special interest in social justice issues that slip under the radar of the mainstream media.

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Sacramento community colleges cut classes to catch up with steep enrollment drop

By Dante MotleyOriginally publishedJuly 25, 2022SacBee Los Rios Community College District is cutting planned classes for the fall as it ...
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Support For AB 1856: Workload Cap Increase

AB 1856 is making its way through California's legislative process. It has moved out of the state assembly and will ...
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Parity Pay or Equal Pay?

By Jack Longmate “Pay parity” is a term perennially associated with part-time faculty in a two-tiered workplace, not part-time workers ...
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Why Don’t All the Contingent Professors Strike or Just Quit?

By Keith Hoeller From time to time, people have suggested some version of the following: "If you don't like your ...
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Power Despite Precarity

Strategies for the Contingent Faculty Movement in Higher Education "A key organizing tool for casualized university faculty from longtime movement ...
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How can California improve the working conditions of community college adjuncts?

Panel says worsening circumstances call for novel solutions By Michael Burke of EdSource.org (Article republished with permission of EdSource) CREDIT: ...
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Support for AB 1752: Pay Parity For PTers

A recent letter sent to Assembly Member Holden expressing CPFA's strong endorsement of AB 1752, which would help to bring ...
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Equal Pay for Equal Work

by Eric Kaljumägi, CCA President CCA/CTA Co-sponsored Legislation AB 1752 (Santiago) For too long, Long Beach City College (LBCC) and ...
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Raising the Cap on Part-time Faculty Employment

By Sandy Baringer Assemblyman Jose Medina (D-Riverside) has introduced a third bill, AB1856, to raise the cap on part-time faculty ...
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Chair’s Report (2022)

By John Martin, Chair of CPFA Last year, community college part-time faculty activists and their allies were outraged when the ...
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News from SDAFA

by Carlynne Allbee The San Diego Adjunct Faculty Association (SDAFA), mission is “Adjuncts Helping Adjuncts.” One tool is organizing professional ...
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Legislative Steps for the Future, CPFA Conference 2022

California Part-time Faculty Association Representing the Professional Interests of 38,000 Community College Non-Tenured Faculty and Their Students 2022 CPFA Annual ...
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