• 2024 (Virtual) CPFA Conference

    On Saturday, April 20th, 2024, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., the California Part-time Faculty Association (CPFA) will be hosting its annual conference virtually via Zoom. This event is free and open to everyone, but […]

  • CPFA Sponsors AB 2277: Raising the Part-Time Faculty Workload Cap

    AB 2277 will increase the maximum number of instructional hours that a part-time California Community College faculty member may teach at any one community college district and allow students to build stronger relationships with existing […]

  • Let the “Tracks” Merge

    By Joseph G. Ramsey, PhDFaculty Staff Union (FSU/MTA/NEA)Senior Lecturer, UMass Bostonjgramsey@gmail.com  Is there any other profession besides professor @ academia where you can have the same degree, same (or more) teaching experience, same (or better) […]

  • CPFA Celebrates 25 Years: A Founder Reflects

    This year marks CPFA’s 25th anniversary. There are still a few of us who remember those early days, and who are hopeful that the next 25 years will bring even greater changes to the workscape for roughly 35,000+ highly qualified educators who toil daily to keep the community college system in California not only afloat, but also healthy.

  • On Seeking Broad, Systemic Change

    Since 1998, the California Part-time Faculty Association (CPFA) has been a leader in calling out the injustices facing part-time faculty working within California’s community college system: no job security, no due process, scant seniority rights, […]

  • The Campaign for Faculty Equality

    The newly formed Campaign for Faculty Equality (CFE) seeks to correct the broken faculty system in California’s community colleges, particularly the incredibly unequal two-tier faculty structure, a decades-long problem consigned to the shadows of academia. […]

  • Building Our Future: The One-Tier Model is The Answer!

    The Campaign for Faculty Equality (CFE) is a new statewide organization that aims to work in conjunction with existing advocacy groups and to serve as a forum of strategic thinking and action among those who […]

  • Tenured Faculty: Friend or Foe?

    by Jack Longmate At the Higher Ed Labor United (HELU) conference of July 20, 2023, a number of the non-tenure-track (NTT) speakers underscored the importance of collaboration with tenure-track (TT) faculty.  Not as avidly expressed […]

  • “One Faculty”: A Shifting Conversation

    By Jon Fox Reprinted from FA News, Foothill De-Anza Faculty Association One of my roles in FA is serving on the Board of Governors for the Faculty Association of California Community Colleges, where I have […]

  • Life as a Contingent Faculty Member

    By Carolyn Kuimelis and Mary Ellen Flannery Republished with permission of the National Education Association (NEA). Originally published 05/23/2023 at NEA Today. The higher education system depends on the labor of adjuncts, yet these faculty remain […]

  • An injury to one is an injury to all!

    Dr. Kashara Moore has been a dedicated educator for years with remarkable evaluations both from faculty and students. This is the time for us to give back and help her to get back on her feet while she is in search of a job.

  • Chair’s Report 2023

    A new, two-year legislative cycle in Sacramento began this year, and with it, up to a quarter of California’s Senate and Assembly were newly sworn in. New legislators are usually relatively fresh to the process […]

  • CPFA Legislative Efforts

    By Daniel Thompson, CPFA Legislative Analyst This year the CPFA Legislative Task Force met with over a dozen offices of members of the California State Assembly and State Senate.  The Legislative Task Force advocated two […]

  • Pursuing a One-Tier Faculty Workplace

    The two-tier workplace, with an upper tier of tenured faculty and a lower tier of non-tenured faculty, has been the norm in U.S. higher education for half a century, long enough to have enabled several generations to become acculturated to it.  Just as it seems natural and normal for water to run downhill, no one is surprised when adjuncts are not paid the same as tenured instructors. 

  • The Annual CPFA Conference 2023

    "One Tier System: It’s Time"
    May 6, 2023
    10am to 4:30pm (On Zoom)
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