The spring 2015 issue contains an important article by Bradley Rettele on his decision to leave academia, even though he only took one sick day in 11 years, was never late and filled his classes year after year by practicing dedicated and exemplary teaching. Check out Marnie Weigle’s article on bullying in academia and an important interview with Helena Worthen and Joe Berry. Here’s the URL:

Contents include

“The Doublespeak of Let’s Get Together” by Marnie Weigle
“CPFA and UPTE go to NAWD in Sacramento” by Margaret Hanzimanolis
“Pomp and Last Minute Circumstance: Hiring at Community Colleges” by Dennis Selder

and articles by Jack Longmate, Collette Mare McLaughlin, and others.


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Margaret Hanzimanolis, Ph.D.

CPFA Director of Public Relations   Part-time Faculty at De Anza College and CCSF

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