CPFA Journal ~ 2015

      • Fall .pdf document (large file – 4.4mb)
      • Spring .pdf document (large file – 5.6mb)

Journal ~ 2014

      • Fall .pdf document (large file – 7.5mb)
      • Spring .pdf document (large file – 5.6mb)

Journal ~ 2013

      • Fall .pdf document (large file – 4.8mb)
      • Spring .pdf document (large file – 4.8mb)

Journal ~ 2012

      • Fall .pdf document (large file – 2.9mb)
      • Spring .pdf document (large file – 3.8mb)

Journal ~ 2011

      • Fall; .pdf document (large file – 3mb)
        • “Administrators ate my tuition,” by Benjamin Ginsberg, pg 1
        • Letters to the Editor, pg 2
        • Report from the Chair, pg 3
        • Armando J. Mendez Memorium pg 3
        • “Student Success Task Force continues to ignore part-time faculty,” by Deborah Dahl-Shanks pg 3
        • “Committed to Justice,” by Gaylla Finnell pg 3
        • “Upcoming political changes in California: impacts on faculty TBD,” by Mona Field pg 4
        • “In Defense of Unions,” by Mark James Miller pg 6
        • “Program for Change proposes 30 incremental goals,” by Jack Longmate pg 7
        • “Districts should finance unfunded FTEs from billion-dollar reserve funds” pg 7
        • “A primer on improving contingent faculty conditions,” Heidi McGrew and Joe Untener pg 8
        • “Higher Education? How colleges are wasting our money and failing our kids — and what we can do about it” Book review by Martin Goldstein pg 10
        • “The Faculty Lounges and other reasons why you won’t get the college education you paid for” Book review by Deborah Dahl-Shanks pg 10
        • “It’s new. It’s true. State Academic Senate part-time faculty caucus” by Stacey Burks pg 11
      • Spring; .pdf document
        • Colleges Are The Tipping Point; Will The Current Crisis Take Us Beyond?
        • Letters To The Editor
        • CPFA Chair: IMHO
        • Chancellor, Academic Senate Exclude PT Faculty From Student Success Task Force
        • Your Board Of Trustees: Community Leaders And More
        • Insuring Rehire Rights For Part-time Faculty Is More Fiscally Responsible
        • CCA Creates Part-time Faculty of the Year Award
        • The Unkindly Art Of Mobbing
        • Tenure Is Not The Answer
        • Resolution 20 from 2010 CFT Convention (as amended & passed)
        • Working To Live Or Living To Work?
        • Sharecroppers ~ Poem
        • For-Profit College Recruiters Taught To Use ‘Pain,’ ‘Fear,’ Internal Documents Show
        • Ivy Chase: Public Institutions Offer Best Return On Educational Investment
        • We Need To Stop Subsidizing For-profit Colleges!
        • Casualties of the Twenty-first Century Community College
        • Lack Of Due Process Strangles Cultural Diversity
        • Cliff Liehe Receives Margaret Quan Award
        • Why You Should Write Supplements For College Textbooks
        • Faculty Union Secretary Who Criticized Pay-Raise Bill Is Asked To Step Down
        • Murders, Suicide Demonstrate Dark Side Of Part-time Condition

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