Next month, on April 4th, 2020 Butte College will be hosting the 10th annual Associate Faculty Conference. This year’s theme is “Acknowledging and Affirming the value of Associate Faculty.” This year’s keynote speaker is Dr. Leticia Pastrana. Dr. Pastrana will be speaking about the concerns Associate Faculty have and that she learned about  while teaching at various campuses and traveling between many different campuses. 

     Too many associate faculty have missed Institute Day in January, so this is an opportunity to receive flex and to learn about associate issues that affect so many of us across the state. This Conference offers our associates up to 6.5 flex hours or , if they prefer, a stipend for $150.00 for the full-day attendance. There is also a free lunch served as the Conference begins at 9 a.m. runs until 4:30.  Coffee, tea and other beverages are available along with breakfast items when the attendees arrive for registration. 

     This year’s workshops will include How to deal with Difficult people, The role of Associate Faculty in Campus Committees, AB 897 Legislation, The Imposter Syndrome, Are grades failing our students? As well, as a session on CANVAS technology issues. These are just a few of the dozen workshops that will be presented. This Conference is provided by Professional Development and is provided for Associate Faculty with full-time faculty being able to attend for flex credit.  A special thanks to our PFA Union for sponsoring our guest speaker.

    If you are interested in additional information about this Conference, contact either Laurel Hartley at or John Martin at

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