The Freeway Flier and the Life of the Mind
By Jean Waggoner and Douglas Snow – 2011

Author, Jean Waggoner, was the Keynote Speaker at the CPFA Annual Conference 2012


Overview. “This is a book about faculty striving to make a living that leaves time for the mind. It is also a book about true friendship, bemused observations, small creative triumphs and glimmers of hope for part time faculty and other thinking people who fly along the highways and log into the libraries of our brutal, post-modern world.”

Book Review. 

“The Freeway Flier and the Life of the Mind is a lyrical, hard-hitting, sometimes controversial, always thought-provoking look at the life of the adjunct, that is the experience of highly-educated teachers who work part time at various colleges to eke out a minimal living. As with all academics, these adjuncts must and do find ways to expand their minds despite a grueling schedule and lack of funds.

Whether you are an educator or not, this collection of musings speaks to the universal themes of needing to feel valued for your contribution to society and the need for self growth and actualization. The majority of people in today’s world work long hours and have many obligations outside of work that make it nearly impossible for them to pursue their passion whether that be writing, music, research, art, or something equally rewarding. The adjunct experience perfectly highlights the trials and tribulations of those who work too hard for too little pay, but still strive for excellence in the work place as well as in their personal endeavors.”

From “Lyrical and Hard-Hitting Look at the Life of an Adjunct”, November 30, 2011, by Faye Reads, in the paperback version:

The Freeway Flier And The Life Of The Mind

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