California Community College Board of Governors Meeting

Monday September 20th, 12:00 Noon   (Masks required)


1102 Q Street, 6th Floor
 Sacramento, CA 95811 (map)


Community College students, faculty and staff are facing a deadly threat to their health and safety.   

We call on the Community College Board of Governors to do its part to help shut down the spread of Covid. We demand a statewide set of policies in all community colleges that include: a vaccine requirement for everyone on campus (with an exception made for those with medical conditions verified by a physician), masking with N95 masks provided for all, weekly testing for all, the provision of sanitation supplies, proper ventilation in all buildings, and regular cleaning to minimize risks to people’s health and well-being.

A failure to implement these policies will cost lives and harm the health of community college students, faculty, staff and that of the people in the wider community. 

In addition, we demand the following changes to provide people with the educational opportunities they deserve:

  1. Use the multi-billion state surplus to provide full funding for public education.
  2. Fire State Community College Chancellor Eloy Oakley for championing the downsizing & privatizing community colleges.
  3. End student Student Centered Funding Formula and keep community in community colleges—end the no repeat of classes provision.
  4. Immediately close the online community college named Calbright.
  5. Implement the California Master Plan for Higher Education—Full funding for Free Higher Education
  6. Support Labor and teacher unions. Stop union busting!
  7. Bring back lifelong learning for the entire community college system.

Initiated by: CCSF Higher Education Action Team (HEAT)


If unable to attend, make a public comment, scroll down:

Additional information:

CFT 2019 Resolution expressing no confidence in State Chancellor Oakley

Faculty Association of California Community Colleges (FACCC) pass no confidence in Oakley resolution.

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