By Jason Ruiz of LBP News

A well-respected Long Beach City College professor could be facing termination Wednesday after an incident during this year’s commencement where a student alleged the professor intentionally elbowed her after a discussion about how to pronounce the student’s name.

The accusations stem from the June 9 ceremony where Kashara Moore, a part-time professor and counselor, was announcing graduates’ names on stage. Moore stumbled over the name Carmina Barraza, instead calling out “Carina Barajas.” Footage of the graduation shows Moore and Barraza then begin talking at the lectern, with parts of their conversation picked up by the microphone.

“Do you want me to say it?” Barraza is heard saying.

“No,” Moore replies, before leaning back to the microphone to announce the name again.

Barraza is seen reacting to what appears to be some sort of physical contact between her and Moore and can be heard saying, “Excuse me, yeah, don’t do that again.”

The alleged incident and exchange occurs on the left side of the screen (stage right) beginning at 00:20.

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