AB1010 (Medina)

CPFA is carefully watching the progress, amendments and lobbying action on this bill, meant to strengthen  Part-time Faculty  job security. 

Jose Medina, the sponsor of this bill, is the Chair of the Assembly Committee on Higher Education, of the California State Assembly; he was elected in 2012\ and represents California’s 61st Assembly District, which consists of Riverside, Moreno Valley, Perris and Mead Valley.

Below are summaries or actual text for three of the main provsions, having to do with evaluations, seniority and preservation of workload. 

(A) is concerned with evaluations.         

(B) is concerned with seniority:

“After six semesters or nine quarters of service, exclusive of summer and intersession terms, each part-time, temporary faculty member who has not received a less-than-satisfactory evaluation during the preceding six semesters or nine quarters of service shall be placed on a seniority list for each assignment at each college where he or she holds a current assignment during the seventh semester or 10th quarter of service, irrespective of how many times he or she has completed each unique assignment. The seniority for all assignments shall be determined based on the first date of hire at the applicable college. Seniority lists shall be by campus unless otherwise locally negotiated between the community college district and the exclusive representative for part-time, temporary faculty.

(C) For semester seven or quarter 10 and beyond, each community college district shall endeavor to maintain the workload equivalent that the part-time, temporary faculty member was assigned during semester six or quarter nine,”

CPFA was successful in lobbying for the removal of a proposed  provisionthat would have given districts the right to take away seniority after a single instance of not being able to teach a course that a PTF had previously agreed to teach!  The language was changed on April 29, 2015. 

Instead, any “loss of seniority” language is to be “locally negotiated.” This means that we must all be on our toes about the loss of seniority, as a seniority process itself will, upon successful passage of this bill, become the state law, but the mechanisms by which one might loose an earned seniority, or at least some of the mechanisms are left to local negotiations.

Full information here.


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Margaret Hanzimanolis,  Ph.D.  Director of Public Relations, CPFA, 

Part-time Faculty:   De Anza College and City College of San Francisco 


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