Assemblymember Paul Fong (D – Mountain View) will again sponsor rehire rights legislation, AB 852, to aid the job security of part-time faculty throughout the California’s community college system.

But before giving more details, it’s important to acknowledge that CCA developed the language and laid the foundation for this new bill and strategy: Ron Reel, CCA President; Lynette Nyaggah, CCA Vice-President and Chair of the CCA Legislative Committee; and Alan Frey, CTA advisor to governance (who developed this concept); built the legislative framework for the CPFA and the other organizations to support. With this renewed venture, there will be an even more concerted and organized effort by all stakeholders: CCA, CFT, FACCC, CWA, and CCCI to support this bill — and be assured that CPFA will be closely involved with this endeavor.

This second attempt to secure rights for California’s contingent academic laborers represents a new approach. Instead of mandating administrators and local bargaining units to negotiate rehire rights for many of us (both sides have been blamed for the lack of progress) this bill will change the Ed Code. This new strategy is quite simple and brilliant. This will take this issue out of the hands of the districts. Once the revision is in place, then any new negotiations can still take place to improve on it.

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