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My name is Annahita Mahdavi West. I am a professor at Long Beach City College (LBCC). As many of you know the story, the Board of Trustees at LBCC has fired Dr. Moore last year over allegations that even based on the district report that they provided, were inconclusive. Despite 1000 + signatures on a petition urging the BOT at LBCC not to take her job away from her after ten years of dedicated services to the students and the community, they fired her with 3/2 (3 yes and 2 no). You can see the petition site and comments here.

She has been unemployed since she was fired. The places she has interviewed have not called her back despite her qualification which is an indication of how this case has hurt her professional prospects. We know firsthand that the incident has impacted her not even being interviewed at an institution.

Dr. Kashara Moore kept insisting on not creating a GoFundMe account because she has always found a way to land on her feet in life and being an independent hard working woman, but at this point, has exhausted her financial resources and needs our help. Dr. Moore has been a dedicated educator for years with remarkable evaluations both from faculty and students. This is the time for us to give back and help her to get back on her feet while she is in search of a job. Thank you all so much for your consideration.

For more on her story, follow the links below:

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