The California Part Time Faculty Association (CPFA) announces that it will be co-sponsoring the new “Part-time Faculty Teaching Load” bill, AB 897 along with the California Federation of Teachers (CFT). Introduced to state legislators by Assembly Member Jose Medina (D-Riverside) on February 20, 2019, AB 897 would raise the existing cap on the workload of California part-time instructors from 67% to 80-85% of a full-time load. Ultimately, this means that If AB 897 passes, all districts would have the flexibility to negotiate with local bargaining units for a new limit on part-time faculty teaching loads of up to 80-85% of the full-time load. In order to pass, the bill must pass through a series of hearings and be debated and scrutinized by various committees in both the State Assembly and the Senate. It must then win the signature of the governor.

CPFA believes, however, that the issue of the part-time teaching load cap should not stop with the passage of this bill. CPFA and our members know that true workload equity will not be achieved until all arbitrary and discriminatory caps on part-time workloads have been removed. 

For more information about this bill and other part-time faculty issues, contact:

John Martin, Chair,

Raymond Brennan, Legislative Analyst,

For more information about this cap and its background, go view last fall’s 2018 CPFA Journal, or read the recent letters sent to Assemblymembers Medina, and Gonzales

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