Dear Valued Members of The California Part-time Faculty Association (CPFA):

Nominations for the CPFA Executive Council, listed below, will be accepted starting today, April 11th and remain open until midnight, Friday, April 16th. We will publish candidate statements on the CPFA website on April 26th. Voting will be online and take place from Monday, May 2nd to midnight, Friday, May 6th. 

Interested members may self-nominate by sending an email to Sue Broxholm, Elections Committee Chair by April 23rd. For publicity of your candidacy, please provide a 100-word statement or bio with your name, and the position you are running for.

All Executive Council positions are 2-year terms, and each year, one half of the Executive Council is up for re-election. However, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our annual conference was held virtually for the first time last May and elections did not take place for any positions. We are now back on track for this year’s elections, and our upcoming conference will not only be held online (on May 7, 2022), voting will be conducted via email, making it possible for all CPFA members to participate remotely.  Each position identified below also indicates if the next election for that position will be in one year (1 year) or in two years (2 years). Please see our Bylaws for more information regarding our election cycle.


OfficeNext ElectionCandidates
Legislative Analyst2 yearsOpen
Director of Administration1 yearOpen
Director of Finance2 yearsOpen
Director of Publications1 yearOpen
Director of Membership2 yearsDavid Donica (Incumbent)
Director of Public Relations and Communications2 yearsOpen
Director of Social Media2 yearsHeather Emerson-Young (Incumbent)
Duties of All Executive Council Members

Regional Representatives

Northern California1 yearKristie A. Iwamoto (Incumbent)
Central2 yearsOpen
Greater Los Angeles2 yearsOpen
Southern California2 yearsScott Douglas
Duties of Regional Representatives
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