Zero COVID Now! Stop Privatization!

Watch the video of the rally held in Sacramento on Monday, September 20th, 2021 demanding that California community colleges be made safe and for the reversal of detrimental state policies. 

In the first action in the United States, California community college faculty, students, trade unionists and supporters of public education and public health rallied on 9/20/21 in Sacramento at the Community College Board of Governors Sacramento offices and demanded a COVID Zero policy and an end to privatization of public education. The board was meeting on the same day and they demanded that California Community Colleges adopt a COVID Zero policy and an end to the privatization of community colleges by Chancellor Oakley and other administrators.

Speakers talked as well about the lack of PPE even after a year of the pandemic, other health and safety protections, including mass testing as well as the destruction of public education through privatization and union busting. There are also less than 200 Cal-OSHA safety inspectors for the 18 million workers of California and Governor Newsom and former Governor Brown has starved not only Cal-OSHA but public health protection in California.

AFT 2121 and the California Federation of Teachers were invited to participate in the action but declined and they continue to ignored the growing danger of COVID outbreaks in California community colleges and have made no demands for mass protocol for testing, free N-95 masks for all students, faculty and staff and proper ventilation in all buildings before they open.

Supporters of the action who were unable to physically participate also called in under public comment to the state community college Board Of Governor’s meeting. Michael Hull, a teacher from Texas and also founder of “Teachers Against Dying” also participated and sent a statement in solidarity with the rally.

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Disinvestment had left counties unprepared for the pandemic, they argued, and systems essential to tracking and controlling an array of infectious and chronic diseases had been decimated.…

Angela Hart

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The was initiated by the Higher Education Action Team HEAT

Endorsed by: Labor Council For Latin American Advancement LCLAA Sacramento, United Front Committee For A Labor Party UFCP, The California Part Time Faculty Association (CPFA) ,Gray Panthers San Francisco, San Diego Adjunct Faculty Association, Freedom Socialist Party, Michael Hull, Founder Teachers Against Dying

Production of Labor Video Project

The Australia NTEU UQ Branch Has Supported A Zero Covid Policy

The NTEU UQ Branch has endorsed the following motion:

‘- We should strive to eliminate Covid from the Australian community, and support efforts to the same end globally.

– We oppose the plans being pushed by the Morrison government suggesting that in future we “live with the virus.”

– Strategies to combat the pandemic should be guided by the interests of public health and not business interests.

– We support the necessity of lockdowns, in particular the closure of non-essential workplaces, with adequate support for people to stay at home.

– Workplaces need to be made as safe as possible to inhibit the spread of the virus and workers need to be protected to stay home when sick or isolating.

– We oppose any plans to reopen which would lead to the virus spreading uninhibited among children.

– We support the efforts of the Palaszczuk government to prevent COVID entering Queensland and urge them to stand against federal efforts to “live with the virus.”‘ A meeting of NTEU members at UQ held today also discussed specific workplace measures around ventilation and filtration of air in classrooms and workspaces, hearing from Environmental Health specialist Dr. David Allen on the question. Dr. Allen explained that simple and inexpensive measures such as CO2 monitoring, improving air flow and HEPA filters can drastically reduce aerosol transmission of the virus.

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