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  • Life as a Contingent Faculty Member

    By Carolyn Kuimelis and Mary Ellen Flannery Republished with permission of the National Education Association (NEA). Originally published 05/23/2023 at NEA Today. The higher education system depends on the labor of adjuncts, yet these faculty remain […]

  • An injury to one is an injury to all!

    Dr. Kashara Moore has been a dedicated educator for years with remarkable evaluations both from faculty and students. This is the time for us to give back and help her to get back on her feet while she is in search of a job.

  • Chair’s Report 2023

    A new, two-year legislative cycle in Sacramento began this year, and with it, up to a quarter of California’s Senate and Assembly were newly sworn in. New legislators are usually relatively fresh to the process […]

  • CPFA Legislative Efforts

    By Daniel Thompson, CPFA Legislative Analyst This year the CPFA Legislative Task Force met with over a dozen offices of members of the California State Assembly and State Senate.  The Legislative Task Force advocated two […]

  • Pursuing a One-Tier Faculty Workplace

    The two-tier workplace, with an upper tier of tenured faculty and a lower tier of non-tenured faculty, has been the norm in U.S. higher education for half a century, long enough to have enabled several generations to become acculturated to it.  Just as it seems natural and normal for water to run downhill, no one is surprised when adjuncts are not paid the same as tenured instructors. 

  • The Annual CPFA Conference 2023

    "One Tier System: It’s Time"
    May 6, 2023
    10am to 4:30pm (On Zoom)
    Register Now (FREE)!

  • Executive Council Elections 2023

    Nominations for the CPFA Executive Council (EC) are now closed. There were no nominations for any of the vacant positions. All of the incumbent EC members ran unopposed. The CPFA Bylaws specify that when a candidate runs unopposed they are automatically decided by acclamation. Ballots will not need to be sent out this year.

  • How to negotiate with the State of California

    You are a part-timer.  As one of approximately forty-thousand teachers employed across California community colleges, your labor is being used to subsidize the salaries of not just full-time faculty but a hierarchy of administrators who use us as a cash cow.  If you’re okay with that—with the guy in the classroom right next to yours making double for teaching a different section of the same class—or if you find yourself relatively free of financial stress or job insecurity, then read no further.  If, on the other hand, you agree there is a problem, then read on!

  • Faculty Apartheid in Higher Education

    Nearly seventy years ago the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that separate can never be equal and struck down racial segregation in our nation’s K-12 public schools (Brown v. Board of Education). Yet in the past fifty years, higher education has instituted a separate but unequal system of faculty employment based on tenure-status. . . .

  • Chair’s Report, Fall 2022

    A Note from the Chair of CPFA Dear Readers, In the past, I have always provided my “Report” on CPFA’s efforts in the fight for part-time faculty rights in California. However, this time I feel […]

  • Should Contingents Support More Tenure-Track Jobs?

    By Jack Longmate When hearing about proposals to fund new tenure-track jobs, adjuncts might think to themselves: “If I could only get a tenure-track job, I could say ‘Good riddance’ to this dead-end adjunct gig […]

  • Sue Broxholm Interview

    AFT 1493 FACULTY FOCUS Sue Broxholm, Skyline Math Professor, advocates for the end of the “Two-Tier system” that divides full-time and part-time faculty Interview by Marianne Kaletzky, AFT 1493 Executive Secretary Sue Broxholm has been […]

  • Part-time Faculty Face Indignities

    By Rick Baum, Member of AFT 2121 and CPFA I wrote the letter that is below to the leadership of AFT1512 and to the California Federation of Teachers President Jeff Freitas as a response to […]

  • Assemblymember Medina Recognized for Exceptional Leadership and Dedication to Social Justice

    When CPFA held its annual conference on May 7, 2022, Assemblymember Jose Medina of Riverside was recognized for his unwavering support for the thousands of part-time faculty employed by the California Community Colleges System across […]

  • Pandemic impact continues at Cal State with fall 2022 enrollment decline

    Decrease largely due to record losses in transfers from the community colleges By ASHLEY A. SMITH of EdSourceOriginal published on November 23, 2022 Undergraduate enrollment in California State Universities continues to suffer from a pandemic-induced drop as fewer transfer students […]